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Community diagnostic centres

Unlocking better, more efficient patient pathways with community diagnostic centres.

As new CDCs support increased diagnostic capacity to tackle the elective care backlog, Bleepa can deliver the digital infrastructure they need to securely share diagnostic information and bring teams together around the patient to make quicker, well informed clinical decisions.

“If you want to achieve efficiency and drive down the elective care backlog, you need to realise a vision for a connected end-to-end pathway that requires a new digital infrastructure,”

Dr Tom Oakley, CEO of Feedback Medical Ltd, manufacturer of Bleepa.

Creating efficiencies and improving patient pathways

Combined, Bleepa and CareLocker form an end-to-end clinical referral tool, allowing clinicians across every step of a patient journey to share and consult on the relevant data and make inpatient referrals and outpatient handovers across primary and secondary care settings.

Data remains accessible as the patient moves, making sure that the right information is centrally available to all clinicians in a single, auditable care record. Bleepa can be easily integrated into any existing IT infrastructure in both primary, secondary and community care. This creates a more efficient way to move patients through a care pathway, transferring the patient data seamlessly across care settings.

Delivering end-to-end pathway management with Sussex Integrated Care System

The Bleepa team has worked closely with teams at the Queen Victoria Hospital (QVH) to deliver the first live and operational end-to-end symptom-based pathway in the CDC space.

GPs can refer onto a pathway linked to their patient’s symptoms, resulting in a programme of coordinated tests at the CDC. The results can be reviewed by a team of relevant consultants from multiple specialties asynchronously, streamlining the patient pathway and enabling quicker treatment plans and better outcomes. 

This enables the CDC to be used not merely as a source of diagnostic tests but as part of an integrated clinical management and support service. All conversations and decisions are captured as part of an auditable patient record. 

Bleepa and CareLocker integrate with both GP and QVH systems, creating a wrapper of clinical data around the individual patient. This data can then be shared via Bleepa with the whole multi-disciplinary team to discuss and recommend further action, with an end-to-end conversation linking GPs and specialists around the patient case. The breathlessness pathway is reviewed by a cardiologist, a respiratory consultant and an ENT consultant.

Sussex provides a blueprint model for how CDCs can be delivered across the UK, demonstrating a complete end-to-end, symptom-based pathway with underlying connected data transfer, pathway progress measurement, and fully auditable clinical decision making.

Bleepa’s digital platform:

  • Receives and makes referrals, as well as enables access to patient diagnostic information; including clinical-grade medical images
  • Connects GPs with specialists for asynchronous conversations around patient results and decisions
  • Integrates with regional provider systems to retrieve relevant historic results and images for clinicians. It can also push studies to relevant providers as required
  • Securely accessible  from any internet-connected device through our zero-footprint application
  • Uniquely patient centric and our proprietary data architecture enables the creation of a patient centric record for the pathway and beyond

Bleepa provides visibility of the whole patient pathway. Authorised providers, commissioners and other organisations involved in care delivery can access patient information, discuss care, and refer the patient to other services at any time. Deliver better with Bleepa.

Building a team around a patient

Whether you are working within a single care setting or incorporating third-party resources, because Bleepa can bring together the key data and people, everyone is connected as part of the core clinical team.

Through Bleepa, GPs can connect with specialists for advice, guidance, and diagnostic discussion asynchronously, saving everyone time.


Safe and secure pathway management

Bleepa is a regulated, safe and proven communications imaging tool. Powered on a fast, scalable and secure cloud infrastructure, Bleepa can be easily integrated into any existing IT infrastructure.  

We support all standard interfaces and work with all our clients for a smooth implementation and integration. Therefore, we can integrate with your PACS, e-Referral Service (e-RS), radiology information system (RIS), summary care record and other clinical systems.