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BleepaBox: remote image transfer

Rapidly transfer your DICOM and medical images securely from remote locations. BleepaBox enables the upload of DICOM and JPEG images to Bleepa’s cloud PACS server, which can then be accessed on the Bleepa platform to share, annotate and discuss patient cases with colleagues from anywhere.

Transfer images from remote locations

  • Transfers DICOM studies and medical images with a secure, encrypted connection
  • A virtual private network (VPN) connection is not required
  • Share images with a 3G/4G wireless connection
  • Take jpg images and create DICOM compatible files to add to your PACS
  • Includes hardware and software ready to use in the field
  • Compatible with any PACS and can be used as a cloud PACS gateway

Point-of-care decision making

BleepaBox is a small tablet device that connects to imaging machines in order to securely push images to Bleepa over a mobile network from remote locations. Images are transferred from the imaging machine onto the BleepaBox then automatically pushed to Bleepa.

The clinician who acquired the images can then review them and can make onward referrals or start a conversation with a specialist for input on the case whilst still in the remote location.

BleepaBox enables imaging-led, point-of-care decision making in previously unreachable areas, with particular application in the veterinary and military services, as well as rural locations where remote analysis is needed.