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United Kingdom

Secondary care

By connecting clinicians within acute care settings, Bleepa allows for the seamless sharing of key patient data and medical imaging to ensure that clinicians have the whole picture at every stage of the patient pathway.

As a UKCA compliant medical device, Bleepa ensures the safe and secure transfer of images between clinical teams, in accordance with the MHRA‘s guidelines.

87% reduction in referral response times

An independent evaluation of Bleepa at the Northern Care Alliance demonstrates time and cost efficiencies for patients, clinicians and the wider healthcare system. Within the respiratory specialty it took 0.28 days on average for a referral to receive a response, which is a decrease of 87%. 


Bringing medical imaging to the heart of clinical conversation

Bleepa combines DICOM viewer functionality with chat and referral management tools, allowing for the easy sharing of medical grade imagery with radiology departments, whether that is within the same care setting or connecting with third-party capacity such as teleradiology.

Clinicians can share, annotate, and query imaging directly in the Bleepa app asynchronously and remotely. This means work can be picked up by on-duty colleagues without disrupting existing reporting lists.

Share and annotate medical grade imagery from anywhere.

Enable remote, asynchronous multi-disciplinary discussion

Bleepa integrates with existing systems within acute settings to provide a shared view of the patient record for clinical consultation with the whole multidisciplinary team. 

With Bleepa, clinical consultation can take place remotely and asynchronously, wherever they need to be.  

Your digital connection to deliver end-to-end pathway management

Bleepa connects a team around a patient. Clinical teams can be easily tagged and brought into the conversation at any step of the pathway for a quicker, flexible consultation process.

Clinical discussion takes place in real time as results are shared, with clinicians kept up to date via notifications within Bleepa.

Patient referrals are managed via the app throughout the patient pathway.  Bleepa provides a shared view of patient care, meaning that all clinicians at every stage of the pathway can monitor a patient’s progress and take steps to drive this forward.

Patient-specific clinical communication

Clinical communication is based around the patient to ensure any misidentification risk is removed by design. Bleepa can provide an end-to-end, auditable record of patient care.

Clinical conversation is captured as a supplement to the patient record and securely stored via our patient-centric cloud architecture CareLocker.