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Cancer alliances

Meet faster diagnostic standards

To deliver on faster diagnostic standards, it is essential to reduce and remove those parts of the pathway that cause delays for patients. With cases of suspected cancer, any time saved by reducing unnecessary outpatient appointments, diagnostic delays or lack of specialist availability is vital.

Bleepa connects clinical settings and brings clinicians within and across those settings together into one easy-to-use platform with a holistic view of the patient, making all the key data such as medical imaging and test results available in a patient-centric clinical chat.

By utilising Bleepa’s powerful communication and referral tools, pathway management can be faster and more fluid, for better decision making and outcomes for patients.

Reduce patient wait times by up to 70%

Initial data from Bleepa’s symptom-based community diagnostic centre pathway for breathlessness is showing encouraging results to date, with an approximate 70% reduction in patient wait times, compared to the NHS 18-week referral to treatment target, without the need for additional clinical staff.

Bleepa’s streamlined approach to patient pathways can help reduce wait times across all parts of best practice timed pathways to help deliver on faster diagnostic standards.

Evidence of Bleepa's CDC symptom-based pathway

Prioritise patients against
diagnosis targets

Bleepa provides integrated care leaders with visibility of the status of patients and where they are in their care journey at any stage.

Ideal for cancer alliance, imaging and
pathology networks, Bleepa’s simple,
dashboard view, in the advanced stages of development, provides clear monitoring against faster diagnosis and other national targets to prioritise patients and speed up care.

The dashboard enables users to easily:

  • See patient status in a simple view
  • Receive breach alerts
  • Deep dive into case notes and test results
  • Chat directly with colleagues

Flexible multi-disciplinary team working

Throughout the pathway, all the relevant data and clinical conversations are captured within Bleepa’s fully auditable record, providing a patient’s primary care provider with oversight of care at every step.

Clinical teams can be quickly brought into Bleepa for multi-disciplinary discussion and advice and guidance for more complex cases.

Reduce referral response times

An independent evaluation of Bleepa at the Northern Care Alliance demonstrates time and cost efficiencies for patients, clinicians and the wider healthcare system. Within the respiratory specialty it took 0.28 days on average for a referral to receive a response, which is a decrease of 87%. 

Use case scenarios

Bleepa can facilitate best practice timed pathways by providing faster specialist input, reducing outpatient appointments and well-informed referrals. Read more about our use case scenarios and how Bleepa can directly facilitate and speed up or facilitate each step of the pathway.

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