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About Bleepa

Bleepa is an app that connects medical professionals safely and securely.

  • Seamlessly share vital medical images with your entire clinical team
  • Reduce risk by using a UKCA-accredited communications platform

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How it works

Our pricing is flexible and tailored to you, to ensure that you have the most cost-effective package.

  • Bleepa licences operate on a per user/per year subscription basis with discounts available for multiple users. Bleepa modules can be purchased separately or as a complete enterprise platform including messenger, referral pathways, photo and document capture
  • Standard services included in the price: license to software, installation, onboarding and training of users, and support and maintenance for a minimum 12-month subscription

Benefits of Bleepa

Bleepa demonstrates time and cost efficiencies for patients, clinicians and the wider healthcare system.

An independent evaluation of Bleepa use at the Northern Care Alliance identified the following time savings:

  • Within the respiratory specialty it took 0.28 days on average for a referral to receive a response, a reduction of 87%. 
  • The average time from submission of a referral to first review across the Trust’s respiratory, cardiology and gastroenterology specialisms was 0.55 days, a reduction of 74%.

Improve productivity and efficiency of diagnostic activity


No data is stored on your device. We provide secure cloud-based storage at an individual patient level meaning reduced risk to you and your team.


We are a UKCA-accredited clinical communications platform meaning quick roll out to your team, even in the NHS.


Manage inpatient referrals without admin support, review and annotate images, have instant discussion with multidisciplinary teams. Save valuable time for your patients.

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