About Bleepa

Clinical practice requires the right clinical tools. Decisions used to be made, following discussion, on the ward round and captured as static entries in the patient notes. Now decisions can be captured live, on the go, in real-time, without duplication. The discussion becomes the note.

Bleepa captures live records of the patient episode and the moment-by-moment decision-making of your clinical team. Through Bleepa, clinical teams can be connected from anywhere, at any time, informed by medical imaging and each other. ​

Time matters. For you, and your patients

Work remotely, review dynamically, discuss collaboratively – practice securely, your way. Bleepa enables remote working, e-referrals, virtual ward rounds and asynchronous multidisciplinary team meetings. Bleepa provides patient-specific case discussion with standardised referral history in a fully auditable system.

Phone showing Bleepa app
Phone showing Bleepa app

In the hands of experts

Speed of decision-making can be critical to patient outcomes. Being armed with clinical information is imperative. Get senior support early and make better decisions faster.

Access to clinical-grade quality imaging, image annotation, messaging, and video consultation within the Bleepa platform ensures you and your colleagues have every tool and specialist insight that you need at your fingertips.

Workflow that works and flows

Streamline workflow processes and give confidence to referring teams. Allow clinical specialists to work more efficiently, flexibly, and remotely. Manage inpatient referrals without admin support and track patients as they move around the hospital and specialist teams.

Phone showing Bleepa app
It’s a testament to what can be delivered, in terms of a really great, viable product, when these sorts of teams get together, understand each other, have a really good working relationship and are able to develop something in collaboration.
Now Bleepa is at a point where it speaks for itself.”

– Dr Nevan Meghani, Respiratory Registrar