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Feedback awarded 12-month contract for pilot extension in Sussex CDC

We are thrilled to announce that Feedback Medical has been awarded a 12-month contract to provide our community diagnostic centre (CDC) solution to facilitate an extension of the current CDC pilot in Sussex to further GP practices and to enable the adoption of further clinical pathways.

The contract will run until 31 March 2023 by which point Queen Victoria Hospital (QVH) expects to have concluded a formal procurement for the next phase of the CDC programme rollout, as is required by NHS procurement policies. We intend to submit a bid in this subsequent procurement phase.

Blueprint model for CDC digital infrastructure

The contract comes as the first live patients go through the CDC pilot as a result of the MOU signed with the Sussex Integrated Care System (ICS) in October 2021. This outlined the pilot scheme to establish symptom-based pathway models for CDC services using Feedback Medical’s digital infrastructure solutions – Bleepa and CareLocker.

QVH in Sussex is one of the UK’s exemplar CDC sites and the first to deliver end-to-end symptom-based pathways through the CDC programme. As previously announced, the deployment of Feedback’s product suite in the Sussex ICS is intended to be used as a blueprint model for future CDC digital infrastructure models across the UK.

Patient-centric design

Bleepa’s patient-centric design enables clinicians to collaborate on a patient-by-patient basis across geography, with the clinical discussion forming an auditable record for the patient episode that is subsequently shared with all stakeholders. CareLocker’s ability to integrate with multiple clinical systems and centralise data around an individual patient means that all the diagnostic results can be seen in one place across all provider groups, ensuring that relevant data can be collected from multiple clinical settings, travels with the patient and is always available to clinicians.

“QVH and the broader Sussex team have been great partners in delivering this end-to-end clinical solution. This contract recognises the initial stage of our work together and enables us to proceed to a more formal working arrangement, pending a successful procurement exercise.

“Together we have demonstrated that CDCs can be used to successfully deliver cross-provider symptom-based diagnostic pathways that transform the patient journey within the NHS and we expect to be able to show a meaningful impact on patient waiting lists as a result. ICSs need to adopt a symptom-based pathway approach to CDCs if they are going to deliver the expected impact on cancer and elective care waiting times. This pilot is the first example in the country of how this can be delivered and our digital infrastructure is an essential component of delivering it.”

Dr Tom Oakley, CEO, Feedback Medical Limited



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