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Adapting, evolving, enhancing Bleepa

Bleepa’s version 1.3 includes new features such as Photocapture enabling clinicians to acquire images of patients and capture patient consent.

New features

Like many digital tools, the addition of new features and functionality only strengthens Bleepa. What you see remains the same – clear, intuitive, and easy to learn and use – because Bleepa is grounded in decades of medical imaging expertise. But Bleepa is the busy clinician’s tool and we understand that the busy clinician knows best what he needs to get the job done. We work with our customers to ensure that we adapt and evolve Bleepa to be the digital tool every clinician wants and needs to go about their jobs freely, securely, from anywhere.

Bleepa version 1.3

Bleepa’s version 1.3 now incorporates a range of new features. The new Photocapture module enables clinicians to acquire clinical images of patients where no patient data resides on the device used. These photographs are added to the Bleepa patient file which can then be annotated, shared, and discussed with clinical colleagues as part of the patient record. Clinicians can capture a series of images or compare a more recent image to a previous one taken to assess improvement or not, all at the touch of a button.

Other features add depth and play an important role in ensuring a range of patient information is available to clinicians in one place. Document capture is a quiet ‘workhorse’ feature that encapsulates additional patient information such as X-ray reports, ECG, and blood test results within the patient record, which clinicians can share and discuss with colleagues.

Watch our Bleepa demo video showing the new features in version 1.3.

Security and safety

We are proud of our fanatical focus on quality, security, and safety. We have worked hard to ensure that Bleepa is manufactured to the highest standards, using processes that adhere to the ISO 13485 quality and ISO 27001 information governance standards, as well as Cyber Essentials Plus security standards. Bleepa is the only CE marked communications platform on the NHSX clinical communications framework certified for undertaking medical image review.

We are excited about what the future holds for Bleepa and our customers. So, keep watching this space!



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