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Bleepa survey shows need for image sharing app among medical experts in India

In a recent Bleepa survey with medical experts in India, 96% said there is a need for an app that allows doctors to share medical images, scans, and information with each other to aid clinical decision-making.

Feedback Medical conducted the survey through the Docplexus platform with over 200 medical experts across India to understand the need for digital technology tools to support clinical collaboration.

Multi-disciplinary team (MDT) working

Over 90% of the responding healthcare professionals (HCPs) said they were open to consulting with their peers when the situation warrants it, before arriving at a decision for a diagnosis or treatment intervention; 72% said they would consult ‘sometimes’, 22% said they would consult ‘only for complex surgeries’.

In relation to MDTs, 70% of HCPs say that their hospitals conduct these sessions to discuss cases prior to interventions. Of these, 61% say that MDTs are in-person, while 38.6% say that the meetings are virtual.

Conflicting and busy schedules are the single most important reason (72%) that prevent HCPs from consulting with one another and 84% said that it would be helpful to have an app that enabled asynchronous case discussion so that everyone did not need to meet at the same time.

High-quality image sharing

Around 77% said they would use an app for high-quality image sharing, for annotation and discussion, and speedy access to heavy files and reports. While 87% would find a mobile-based app for patient medical imaging useful, only 67% have used any such app to share medical images and reports before.

Ease of communication with peers (27%) and data security and compliance (27%) rated highly in importance among respondents when considering features of the app, followed by past record storage facility for reference (24%), and clarity and pixels of images (22%).

Bridging the digital gap

At Feedback Medical we aim to meet this need for HCPs in India. With over 20 years’ experience in the medical imaging sector, our products and services– Bleepa, CareLocker and BleepaBox –enable better collaboration between individuals and teams providing easier access to patient medical information, and bridge the digital gap between care settings.

As India moves towards its commitment of providing universal healthcare to all citizens by 2030, there is a need to build a robust healthcare infrastructure which is accessible and resource efficient. Digital solutions like Bleepa can make efficient case discussion and early treatment initiation a reality for patients and HCPs, and support healthcare delivery across the remotest parts of the country.

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