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Capture: photos and documents

Manage wound care and minor injuries more effectively by securely capturing photos of burns and lesions rapidly and securely. Support medical photography teams and enable better informed, efficient referrals within and across care settings.

Add additional clinical information and documents such as test results to the patient record. Ensure that all clinicians involved in the care pathway have a rich picture of all the relevant patient information. 

Capture photos

Bleepa’s in-app module enables users to securely take photos of patients’ minor wounds or lesions and capture consent as part of the auditable patient record.

The photos can be used by colleagues within and across care settings for review over time or as part of any follow-up clinics.

Add individual or multiple photos using any device with a camera. Take a series of images to show changes to a patient’s condition over time.

Bleepa in action

The Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust uses Bleepa’s photocapture module to rapidly take secure photos of minor injuries in its busy emergency department as part of the patient referrals within and outside of the Trust.

Bleepa best met the Trust’s objectives for a fast, secure solution that met its information governance and data protection standards.

“Bleepa works very well for us as a 24-hour service in our emergency department, to supplement our stretched medical photography team, and rapidly capture secure
photos of patients with burns and minor injuries.

“Any reduction in the time taken to review patients and help to improve their journey through the hospital is crucial when every second counts.”

Justine Loh, Consultant in Emergency Medicine and Paediatric Emergency Medicine, Digital Health Lead in ED

Record consent

Record patient consent – or parent, legal guardian or clinician consent if a patient is unable to give it themselves – for any images taken.

Support medical illustration teams by freeing them up to focus on more complex cases and equip clinicians in busy departments to rapidly capture images while complying with data protection standards.

Share clinical information across care settings

Add clinical information including reports, results such as blood tests, and handwritten notes as part of the patient record.

Bleepa can facilitate data sharing between care settings including across primary, secondary and community care, the data can flow with the patient utilising our patient-centric CareLocker cloud architecture.