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Clinicians are faced with ever more pressures on their time and the need to deliver superior patient care. Stand out from the crowd with Bleepa and CareLocker.

First-class patient experience

CareLocker gives patients control over their health data with an app to store and access their medical scans and other results. It stores data safely and securely in the cloud and saves the need for physical copies of films.

Bleepa can provide a smooth, fully integrated solution that enables swift decision making, access to specialist opinions and a positive patient experience.

Streamline the patient pathway through Bleepa’s efficient digital referral process, ensuring a first-class patient experience. Work seamlessly from the initial referral, to diagnostics, consult clinical specialists and agree treatment, all within one digital platform. Bleepa can facilitate clinical referrals and treatment decisions within a hospital, between hospitals and pan regionally, offering truly networked care.

Efficient virtual team meetings

Bleepa facilitates timely, efficient, cost-effective multi-disciplinary team meetings through asynchronous case discussion to enable compliant image sharing virtually.

Patient cases can be discussed immediately without waiting for the next meeting slot and clinicians can continue their clinical work without needing to physically attend a meeting.

Cases can be discussed on a rolling basis using instant messaging, with specialists contributing dynamically as clinical test results are available.

Redress the work/life balance

Attracting and retaining star talent is critical to delivering an enhanced reputation as a healthcare provider of choice. Bleepa facilitates clinical decision-making whether clinicians are working from home or another location. Users can better manage and switch off their work messages when needed, as well as mark themselves as unavailable to colleagues when not working.

Free their time through easier, more efficient and flexible working and encourage, inspire and support colleagues with Bleepa’s digital platform.

“Changing workflow processes will give confidence to referring teams and allow specialty clinicians to work more efficiently – for instance avoiding being continuously bleeped and interrupted throughout the day.”

Georges Ng Man Kwong, Chief Clinical Information Officer and Respiratory Consultant