Carelocker, your new cloud architecture for patient care

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We have partnered with Sampurna Diagnostics centres in Indore, India, to pilot CareLocker for referring clinicians and patients to enable them to have more control over healthcare information by accessing medical imaging on their mobile devices.

For patients

Take control of your health data with CareLocker.

For clinicians

Be the first to go digital with CareLocker.

Diagnostic centres

With Bleepa and CareLocker, diagnostic centres can adopt a revolutionary digital approach to providing imaging and reports to patients and referrers. With Bleepa’s clinician-facing app healthcare professionals can connect with colleagues and discuss, share and annotate medical imaging and other patient data safely and securely.

With CareLocker’s patient-facing app people can store and access imaging and results on their mobile device.

Bridging the gap between care settings

Where Bleepa or CareLocker are installed in multiple provider settings, the migration of data into a patient-specific record can happen at a regional level, breaking down provider siloes.

Our solutions can bring specialist advice and guidance to more remote areas, and give patients access to and control over their medical imaging and other data, with the ability to share them with their referrer and other doctors – creating a digital architecture that bridges multiple care settings.

Carelocker is not a medical device. It should not be used for primary diagnostic purposes. Medical images displayed in Carelocker should be reviewed alongside the formal radiology report prior to making clinical decisions.

“Our collaboration with CareLocker makes it easy for patients to share their digital images and reports with the referring doctors. This is very useful for patients to send their digital images & health records for second opinion in different cities. This is a revolutionary technology and future,”

Anurag Sodani
Chief Executive Officer
Sampurna Sodanl Diagnostic Clinic