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We are now available on Apple App Store and Google Play!

Bleepa is now available for download under ‘Bleepa’ on both the Apple App Store and Google Play. This includes all devices, both Apple technologies, and Android devices.

Bleepa is our flagship medical imaging communications platform. The platform has completed a comprehensive evaluation and is now available for clinicians to download on all devices through the Apple App Store and Google Play. For hospitals with a Bleepa contract, users can now simply download the app. This means they can easily access Bleepa with a registered login process. As a result, access through the Apple App Store and Google Play will make it easier to roll out Bleepa at customer sites. This is because clinicians can now download the app directly to their own devices.

About the Bleepa app

Bleepa is an essential tool for remote and secure communications between clinicians and teams. Its an easy-to-use, digital medical imaging communications platform. And it enables clinicians to safely view and discuss imaging, and patient cases at the touch of a button.

Bleepa is a CE-marked medical device and is the only regulated platform on the NHSX Clinical Communications Framework with which users can share images. Images such as X-ray, CT, MRI, or ultrasound, at a standard approved for clinical use.

“We are passionate about improving the lives of those on our medical frontline, particularly in these COVID-19 times. Bleepa is revolutionising the way in which clinicians communicate by enabling clinicians to maintain control, even when working remotely, to smooth the patient experience and create a more effective and cohesive working environment. Bleepa is most effective when used on an individual’s mobile device and our successful approval for both the Apple App Store and Google Play is a key step in accelerating user rollout at customer sites. Let’s put quality images back where they belong – in the hands of the frontline – not tomorrow, but right now, today.” Dr Tom Oakley, CEO of Feedback Medical.

What Bleepa does

  • Equips frontline teams with the ability to see patient imaging, alongside instant-messaging-based case discussion and video calls. All this can support them to make more informed decisions faster –  enabling better, safer patient care.
  • Offers the latest features. These include the Photo Capture module that enables clinicians to get clinical images of patients, such as in-field medical photographs of skin lesions or wounds. As well as Document Capture to encapsulate additional patient information, such as X-rays, ECG, and blood test results. All within the patient record to share and discuss with colleagues.
  • Facilitates clinical referrals and treatment decisions within a hospital, between hospitals, and pan-regionally – offering truly networked care.
  • As Bleepa can be accessed from any internet-connected device, it is possible to maintain control of patient cases even when working remotely.
  • Creates a secure network with all the information and functionality needed for clinicians to manage workloads more effectively.
  • From the moment patients are registered, Bleepa enables a smoother and swifter transfer from one medical team to another. From referral to decision, treatment, and exit.

With medical imaging forming the basis of almost all clinical decision-making processes, flexible access on the go has never been more essential for a rapidly evolving workforce.



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