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The health economy of Saudi Arabia is in a state of transformation. Feedback Medical recognises this, and our solutions are designed to be applicable to any care setting internationally.

With our unique solutions, we are connecting medical professionals with the right data to make informed, efficient decisions wherever they need to be.

Bleepa is the leading UK based app that connects medical professionals safely, securely, and quickly.

CareLocker is the cloud-based digital infrastructure that works alongside Bleepa to allow patients to access their medical data wherever they go and clinicians to access data quickly and safely.


Our Products

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Our work

Below we have shared a selection of our products in action, including case studies and recent deployments, to provide examples of our work both in the UK and in India.

Empowering patients with CareLocker

We have partnered with Sampurna Diagnostics centres in Indore, India, to pilot CareLocker for referring clinicians and patients to enable them to have more control over healthcare information by accessing medical imaging on their mobile devices.

“Although it is only early days, we have seen a real enthusiasm for CareLocker from patients at the Sampurna Sodani diagnostics centre, with a number of patients signed up to our service already. We hope to see more patients taking control of their healthcare data through this partnership with the Sampurna team.”

Ashish Kumar Singh,
Sales Manager, India

Case Studies

Please click the links below to read our case studies.

Case Study: Supporting remote TB screening in India

Case study: Time savings with the NHS


Click the link below to read about our deployment of Bleepa with a new NHS community diagnostic center

Streamlining patient care pathways with NHS community diagnostic centers

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