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Bleepa joins national NHS AI framework

Feedback Medical, manufacturer of Bleepa, has been awarded a place on a national NHS procurement framework for artificial intelligence.

Bleepa includes a module that enables third party AI tools to be deployed within the app by frontline clinical users in order to assist with the diagnostic interpretation of medical imaging studies such as X-rays, CT scans and MRIs. The AI module has already been configured to deploy the AI tools of our partners and Axial 3D.

The Bleepa AI module will allow NHS Bleepa customers to engage with AI tools of their choosing, knowing that they have a secure route of deployment right into the hands of their clinicians. Bleepa’s availability as a mobile platform allows these AI tools to be deployed in any connected setting realising the full benefits of AI driven point-of-care diagnostics in more places. It also enables it in a way that can’t be recognised through traditional PACS-based deployment, that is largely confined to desktop PCs within hospitals.

Enabling on-the-go access to the latest AI diagnostic support tools is the next evolution in our mission to enable clinicians to make better decisions faster from any location. The framework will allow NHS organisations to buy the Bleepa AI solution as a platform for AI tool deployment, allowing them to meaningfully engage with any number of AI tools knowing that there is one common route for deployment into their clinical setting.

The framework – titled the Provision of Artificial Intelligence (A.I), Imaging and Radiotherapy Equipment, Associated Products and Diagnostic Imaging – is run by Shared Business Services (SBS) on behalf of NHS organisations and enables NHS customers to directly procure equipment related to AI imaging, including Bleepa’s AI module. The framework has an estimated overall value of up to £360m which lasts until 02/05/2025 and will be a key resource to enable the NHS to engage with AI technology.

This is a framework agreement for the supply of Artificial Intelligence software and platforms and also for the supply of Medical Imaging and Radiotherapy equipment, associated products and Diagnostic Imaging equipment. The framework aims to provide a simple, effective, efficient and compliant route to market for the purchase/supply of a broad range of medical imaging and radiology products and services, including related artificial intelligence solutions. This will be for use by both NHS Customers (and other public & private sector organisations) through means of either direct call-off or further competition if required.”

Shared Business Services description of the NHS AI framework

“This national framework is recognition of the increasing interest in AI technology across the NHS and will enable NHS customers to directly procure the Bleepa AI module as a vehicle for delivering the ever-growing array of AI imaging tools available.

“Clinicians do not want multiple apps on their devices and there is a clear role for a single platform that facilitates the deployment of multiple AI tools. As a mobile-first solution, that additionally facilitates patient pathways and clinical case discussion, Bleepa is the perfect deployment platform for AI tools.

“We can put the latest AI technology literally into the hands of clinicians, through their own devices, in any internet-connected location. This allows truly on-the-go access to the best available diagnostic support tools and point-of-care deployment of AI technology in even more care settings.”

Dr Tom Oakley, CEO, Feedback Medical



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