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For patients

Take control of your health data with CareLocker.

Sampurna Diagnostics – based in Indore, India – has launched CareLocker, a mobile application to store and access your medical scans.

  • View all your medical images easily on your mobile device
  • Store your medical data safely and securely in the cloud
  • Where possible, Sampurna can provide your doctor with digital access to your medical images. Ask your Sampurna contact for more details
  • No more need for physical copies of films – reducing waste, saving time and preventing damage/loss

Ask for your CareLocker account today at your local Sampurna Diagnostics Centre.

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Download our patient leaflet to find out more about CareLocker

Download our T&Cs/privacy policy


If you are experiencing any problems with your CareLocker account, please get in touch.

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