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For clinicians

Be the first to go digital with CareLocker.

Sampurna Diagnostics has launched CareLocker – a secure, zero-footprint application for storing and accessing patient imaging and results.

Through CareLocker, a patient’s data and DICOM-quality medical imaging can be accessed immediately via a mobile device, saving valuable time and cutting out the need for costly hard copies of scans.

Diagnostics are accessible through a progressive web application on a patient’s mobile phone to give them more control over their medical information. This data is encrypted, with access restricted to the patient or caretaker and permitted health professionals.

Want to learn more?

Download our clinician leaflet to find out more about CareLocker

Powerful imaging tools

View, scroll, adjust and contrast clinical-quality imaging such as MRI or CT scans on a mobile device. Once a patient has signed up to CareLocker, as a preferred referring clinician of Sampurna, scans can be reviewed ahead of appointments alongside all relevant data and diagnostics to provide an efficient service for your patients.

Benefits of CareLocker

  • Instant access to patient medical data via a mobile device
  • Safe and secure clinical-quality image review in a zero-footprint application
  • Save time and money without the need for hard copy films

Give your patients control over their healthcare data with Sampurna Diagnostics

For your patients, CareLocker provides secure, easy-to-use management of their imaging from the convenience of their own mobile device. Offered on an annual subscription basis, patients can be sure their data is safely stored and up to date.

For further information please contact

Ashish Kumar Singh
General Manager- India

+91-8920142340 | 8924048819