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Bleepa is going to Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust

First direct commercial contract for Bleepa from the NHSX Clinical Communications Framework for Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust.

First direct commercial contract for Bleepa from the NHSX Clinical Communications Framework for Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust.

Bleepa, our flagship clinical communications platform, has been awarded a one-year contract with a value of £84,000 with the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust across a number of targeted clinical settings. The contract funding has been drawn down from the NHSX National Clinical Communication Tool Framework.

Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust

The Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust, which operates The Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading, is a leading healthcare provider with an established track record of digital innovation. The Trust is keen to evaluate Bleepa as part of its wider communication strategy and is a frontrunner in recognising the need to transition away from unregulated platforms such as WhatsApp for clinical communication. As part of the contract, the Trust will have access to all the latest features on the our Bleepa platform.

“We are delighted to be working with a Trust that has clearly demonstrated a commitment to driving innovation for their clinicians by providing a platform for secure digital medical communications. This contract is recognition of the huge work that has gone into making Bleepa the most reputable tool on the market and clearly demonstrates product market fit. As we have seen in previous clinical settings, Bleepa has the ability to streamline the patient pathway and save clinicians time, no matter their location, and we look forward to building a strong and successful relationship with the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust.” 

Dr Tom Oakley, CEO of Feedback.

Virtual multi-disciplinary meetings module (MDTS)

We’ll work with the Trust to enhance the Virtual Multi-Disciplinary Meetings module (MDTs). MDTs are essential to delivering streamlined patient care. However, the gathering of specialist clinicians from different clinical settings to assess patient cases is time consuming, costly and inefficient, with the logistical complexities accentuated during the COVID-19 pandemic. Bleepa supports a new way of running MDTs asynchronously and the image viewer function will enable each clinical participant in the MDT to see imaging in the correct clinical quality. This is something that cannot be achieved through screen shares on a video call currently, ensuring regulatory compliance.


Photocapture has been in development by the Company for the last three months and will form part of a planned product release, version 1.3. The photocapture module enables clinicians to acquire clinical images of patients, such as medical photographs of skin lesions or wounds, where no patient data resides on the device used. These photographs will be added to the Bleepa patient file which can then be shared with clinical colleagues for discussion and become part of the patient record.

The Trust will provide a clinical evaluation of the photocapture module which will form part of the CE marking process for the new feature. The photocapture module will enable Bleepa to be used for a wider range of services outside of this contract such as dermatology services, community nursing and diabetes wound management, allowing Bleepa to reach a wider clinical audience outside of the secondary care setting, in a zero-footprint way.

Referral module

We will also work with the Trust to evaluate the referral module of the product, linking it to the existing workflow for clinical, intra-Trust referral pathways embedded in the Trust’s Electronic Patient Record. As Bleepa referral management aligns with clinical best practice and supports standardisation along the patient pathway, it has the capability to improve clinical communication.

“The Trust is excited to work with Feedback to implement and utilise the capabilities of the Bleepa platform in a number of areas. We were successful in obtaining NHSE funding for this work and Bleepa were selected using the Clinical Communications Framework. We have found Feedback very co-operative and are looking forward to a successful partnership with them in the coming months.” Nigel Uwins, Assistant Director IT Support and Architecture at the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust.



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